Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Little black dress on your desk top

The little black dress of office accessories the notepad is every bit as functional, reliable and with a little creativity can be...AS STYLISH.

Trust me, if it's good enough for Neiman Marcus to sell, it's good enough for you to give as a branded promotional product. The objective from a marketing stand point is to design it so that it speaks to your brand, brand message and especially to the person your giving it to.

It's very affordable to personalize this item which add's that special touch. When you give someone something and it has their name on it THEY WILL KEEP IT!

This notepad retails for $40.00 (click the photo to link to retail details)...you can easily create this perceived value with the right piece of artwork, for a lot less.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Part of my job is observing trends and a trend I've recently noticed is this fun layout where some text is emphasized where other text is blown down.

Below, the yellow piece of art and my inspiration is actually from a series of cards available at Kitson.  You can see where I took the idea and had fun with a custom branded beach ball.

I figured this was a fun brand message for this Summer that would resonate with my clients and be reflective of my spunky personality! Get spunky and make sure your speaking your clients language so when you do give them a branded promo item it's something they'll actually want to use.