Sunday, April 28, 2013

JNI Swag

Sales forces are what drive company profits. It goes without saying it  takes a lot of motivation, drive and determination to reach sales goals each year. There are often perks like incentive trips or gifts when reaching goals. Any thriving company understands the importance of training and motivating their team and they're not afraid to invest.

Working for a promotional product company we HANDS DOWN have the best swag and the best incentives because that is our business and we REALLY know what were doing. 

Pictured here is a small sampling of the fab swag given by JNI at our recent event. When I checked into my room I received my badge a gift bag with essentials for meetings. Notebook with itinerary, pen, snacks my team tee shirt and sweatshirt (for team building scavenger hunt...(got a little crazy!) There was a theme and it's "top secret!" 

Needless to say all these goodies are home with me now. As I glance over at the chair in my office it's a subtle reminder to work a little harder today! I think that's the message, now isn't it?