Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Swag up your notepads

I went to an event this last weekend called "Pamper me fabulous ~ Los Angeles" and am just getting around to my gift bag. Of all the swag in the bag, make up, amazing lotions, and fabulous drinks (coffee, energy drinks, coconut waters) one of my favorite things was a notepad!!

As a resource for promotional products notepads... are a staple promo giveaway for any business. Whether you are a plumper or a big advertising firm a notepad will sit on your clients desk and be used, giving your logo great mileage for being in your clients face on a daily basis!! This particular notepad is from a line called http://www.knockknockstuff.com/ and there is a whole hilarious line of notepads with funny sayings. Like the "WTF (what the f...) notepad", the "DUH" (for the mildly challenged co-worker) and my personal favorite "Oh Crap" notepad (which I use on a daily basis).

It would be so simple for you to get creative with your business notepads. Have fun with your message and show a little character!!