Sunday, June 5, 2011's Hot Summer, watches, watches

Watches, watches, watches....such a loved accessory but often overlooked for promotional campaigns. This little purple gem by TKO Watches is a "summer MUST HAVE accessory" according to this May. Imagine giving the same watch as your "gift with purchase" this summer with your branded logo and promotional message on the face. I have to imagine we look at our watches several times a day...times that by the amount of years we keep our watches... and that makes the brand mileage on a watch astronomical! I actually just worked on a cool celebrity

gifting project were my client gave branded Ipod Nanos (that wasn't even the coolest part of the product launch kits) also included in the gifting was a new hot product called the HEX watch band that fits the Ipod NANO perfectly! Now that's what I call subtle marketing that's still in your face!