Sunday, October 24, 2010


What are my clients buying like hot cakes for holiday you ask? The new Swarovski "Crystalline" Pen. Filled with tiny little Swarovski crystals this pen is sure to wow this holiday season. Available in a few colors, black, white, pearlescent pink and pearlescent blue. For a couple thousand pieces you can customize the color of the crystals to your hearts desire!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Swag Trend Alert -Silly Bands

The new spin on the old school rubber band, Silly Bands are the hottest trend. Kids across the world are wearing them but I was recently in NY and saw young adults sporting their silly bands on their wrists like the "new bracelet." They come packaged in a theme (the image is Justin Bieber's exclusive line of silly bands, custom made for his brand) and pop right back into shape like a normal rubber band would. This is also the hottest new product in the promotional industry as we can customize these to be any shape, letter or logo. Take inspiration for you next promo from retail and create some custom Silly Bands for your brand!