Friday, June 5, 2009

E3-Swag....Video Gamers Heaven

I was lucky enough to attend this years Electronic Entertainment Expo AKA: E3 and it blew my mind. I'm not what you would call a gamer by any stretch of the imagination but was so impressed with the technology of video games and the evolution of video home entertainment. There was a plethora of swag to report at this event T-shirts, guitar picks, blow up gaming pieces, thong panties and posters! In case you didn't know GAMING SWAG is a very hot commodity and very much a "collectible-item". How do I know you ask? Well click the image to view a listing on Craigslist where a fellow guest of E3 is selling all of the collectibles he picked up at the show! Point: "Never underestimate the power of the swag!"

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