Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Anytime your traveling, you are responsible at some level to pick up a gift or gifts for those special people. It's no surprise that any gift that has a logo on it IS indeed a promotional product...no matter which state or country your visiting.

A few little impressive SWAG pieces I thought to write about just coming back from travelling in Europe was actually given out on my Swiss Air flight. Swiss Air flight attendants passed to all the children on our flight little branded Swiss Air puzzles and finger puppets to keep them entertained during our long flight. Adults on our flight were treated to swag socks, blankies and pillows. Swiss Air like many airlines also offers a rewards program where you can redeem your points for branded SWAG products. Swiss Air has a very impressive company store I encourage you to browse it for swag inspiration and remember "Smart Companies Sell their SWAG through REWARD PROGRAMS." Click the link to view the Swiss Air Online Store.

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