Friday, March 6, 2009

"Experimental Marketing 101"

On my recent flight up to Park City Utah for some R & R, I read a little gem of an article in the Spirit Magazine (Compliments of Southwest AKA: the public transportation of the air). The article called "Brand Ambassadors by: Courtney Barry" really got me thinking me about how marketing in general has changed so much in recent years and how the SWAG industry has responded to keep with the changing times. With the invention of TIVO and Satellite Radio we can just fast forward through all of the blah blah blah and get right into our fav programming. Advertisers have had to maneuver to more grass roots approaches and inspire end-users to take action to trial their products or visit their websites. The article describes ideas and case studies for "Experimental Marketing" which simply means "interactive promotions". The good old contest, sampling & sweepstakes makes it's come back. Click to read the full Spirit article. A great inexpensive product used in "experimental marketing" is the Egrip. The Egrip is a non slip sticker piece you put on the back side of your PDA. The Egrip comes adhered to a card which you can totally customize. The Egrip can be mailed and can be used to introduce a product, promote a service, announce a special offer, invitation, coupon, or a multitude of other purposes. The grip piece once removed which can also be customized has fantastic mileage on your end-users PDA. See Fanta Image for an Egrip and actual "Experimental Marketing" piece, the back of the post card had a promotional offer.
"Remember to think outside of the box or ask your marketing consultant for advice! "

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