Thursday, January 8, 2009


It's officially tradeshow month...Woo hoo...New potential business!
Tradeshow SWAG Tips:
-Create a theme and make sure that everyone & everything matches; from the wearables your booth staff wears to the premium you giving away, to the signage & collotoral.
-Choose a giveaway that will draw attention to your booth something that light's up or makes noise. Run a game like roulette or the "spin a wheel and win a gift game".
-Have a few tiers of gifts for your repeat clients (a nicer gift) and general guests that visit your booth so they walk away with something that has your contact info.
-Run a promotion in your booth. You can send out a flyer before the show offering a gift when they stop by or giveaway a newer SWAG incentive and one of my favorites the "music download card" which will make your guest go online and give you their contact info then they get their download. -So WOW at you're tradeshow and get new business!

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