Thursday, December 18, 2008

Get "Cheeky" this holiday with Frederick's of Hollywood

The holidays are known to inspire creativity but Frederick's out did themselves with this little spicy gift! In getting a closer look at the gift box you will see the art on the top of the box mimics the back of what a stocking would look like, from the seam down the back to the bow and fishnet webbing. The gift box delicately filled with Frederick's tissue paper, ribbon, and sealed with the "F" sticker. Inside a custom lingerie bag with the matching
fish-netting and the discreet "F" logo silk screened in red. The "icing on this cupcake" was the monogrammed "Cheeky" panties with individual VIPs initials embroidered discreetly on the hip. Such a personal, sexy and memorable gift!
Visit as they are having their "Talk Flirty 2 Me" promotion for Valentines Day and you will love their adorable Valentines Day me.

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