Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Promo Products goes Cosmetic-Fresh Idea

Of course it has to be the right promotion and has to target the ladies but did you know you could brand you're very own lip gloss? It's a very nontraditional promotional product but would work beautifully for "Breast Cancer Awareness SWAG" or a "Ladies Only-SWAG Meeting." Let's face it, we ladies are fierce and account for a large number of new business owners and high level executives. We are moving and shaking making our decisions but of course we always look fabulous and that's why Gloss though an "outside of the box" giveaway is appealing to this target market and sure to be kept and used! So take a beauty tip from top cosmetic companies and get glossy. PS...wand & tube available.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Designer ECO Bags

I'm sure you've seen a version of the recycled Eco-bag-SWAG all around town, especially at your grocery store. The poly pro bags are made of compressed recycled fabric and are super durable. They are considered Eco because they are reuseable and made of recycled material.

I'm excited to report the newest line of custom bags available straight from the trend product shows in China. Let's just say there's a new Eco bag in town and it's "haute and designer!" Think of this bag for your custom orders like Gift-With-Purchases, minimum orders are around 5,000 pieces but these little gems are very affordable. -Email me if you'd like more info!

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Talk about rush SWAG! With 5-days to spare before the big gala Bright Now Dental had an elaborate event scheduled for the VIP Executives within the company and wanted to design a custom award that would be exclusive in design and exclusive to their companies VIBE CAMPAIGN.

By the hair of our chinny chin chin a dynamic collaboration between Bright Now Dental, their brilliant creative Ad Firm, and myself to make this happen we rocked out a awesome design and manufactured these custom awards just in time for the big gala.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Memorial Care Holiday SWAG

Memorial Care, Holiday 2008. The Marketing Pro's at Memorial Care wanted to gift their fantastic staff a special piece of gift SWAG stylish enough so they would use and would help promote their new campaign for personal wellness and fitness among the staff.

Together we created a special piece of art and a logo was created for this limited edition custom Memorial Care holiday jacket. The jacket specifically had to incorporate certain colors that would be part of a new promotional launch for the new 2009 campaign.

The Outcome: Beautifully embroidered holiday jackets and most importantly happy medical professionals!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Get "Cheeky" this holiday with Frederick's of Hollywood

The holidays are known to inspire creativity but Frederick's out did themselves with this little spicy gift! In getting a closer look at the gift box you will see the art on the top of the box mimics the back of what a stocking would look like, from the seam down the back to the bow and fishnet webbing. The gift box delicately filled with Frederick's tissue paper, ribbon, and sealed with the "F" sticker. Inside a custom lingerie bag with the matching
fish-netting and the discreet "F" logo silk screened in red. The "icing on this cupcake" was the monogrammed "Cheeky" panties with individual VIPs initials embroidered discreetly on the hip. Such a personal, sexy and memorable gift!
Visit as they are having their "Talk Flirty 2 Me" promotion for Valentines Day and you will love their adorable Valentines Day me.