Tuesday, November 18, 2008

MyStyle.com Shop it list product pick

This week on MyStyle.com's shop-it-list product pic's I plucked this SWAG product sold at retail at fredflare.com. Truth be told, this is a promotional product that can be customized with any phrase, saying, or logo you'd like (and much less then the retail cost listed below!)

"This product makes a fab trade show-hotel promo; you hang these on the hotel room doors with tickets to the trade show (on a lanyard) or VIP events, a show guide and any other VIP collateral you want your guests attending the trade show to have. One of my beauty clients even customized the front and back with their own beauty messages of inspiration; front: "Getting my beauty sleep" back: "Please beautify my room" ...now that's clever!

Doorganizer: This ingenious door hanger is great for keeping track of daily essentials with pockets and a strap on back for your mail with built-in clasp for keys! Canvas. In red, pink or black. 12”x5”reminder, useful, helpful, door, forget, door organizer, your daily reminder,retail $18

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