Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sephora's "Think Pink Swag" October-Breast Cancer Awareness

Don't you just feel "Pretty in PINK" during the month of October! There is a plethora of "Pink" products available from pink blenders to pink roller blades. The beautiful part of shopping and buying during the"pink month" is a percentage of the proceeds is donated to Breast Cancer Awareness programs. It just warms my heart to give and to such a worthy cause.
No matter what line of business you're in you can implement your own "Breast Cancer Awareness" program at the local community level. If you are a local boutique owner, nail salon, spa or whatever your line of business is you can create a "pink" promotion of your own. Here's how: Encourage your customers to buy your services during the month of Oct, create a coordinating "gift with purchase" product that they can walk away with (must be pink and black & have your logo) and you MUST DONATE A PERCENTAGE OF THE PROCEEDS to a Breast Cancer Awareness program in your community. Your clients will gladly buy your services because you are such a reputable person to do business with. It's that easy!
PS...Start planning in September to you are ready to go in Oct!
Pics are adorable "Think Pink Swag" from Sephora.

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