Friday, October 3, 2008

" Tres Chic as usual": Prego Survival Kit has done it again with this tres chic (very fashionable) "Prego Survival Kit." Available at retail at the is the Mr. and Mrs. Labor and Delivery Kit (although I would have to pass on the camera!)

The labor & Delivery Survival Kit is a collection of childbirth essentials for an expecting mother's comfort and convenience Stopwatch, Slipper Socks, Headband, Back Massager, Body Lotion, Lip Balm, Preggie Pops® Lollipops, Breath Mints, Pre-Paid Calling Card, Contact List, Disposable Camera, and Bubblegum Cigars.

I love a great kit and from a marketing prospective a kit applies to every event or promotion. I've worked on "Safe Sex" kit's for Playboy TV: safe sex booklet, sanitizer, a mint and of course a condom, nicely tucked into a keepsake ID zipper holder that attaches to your snow jacket while snow boarding during the Sundance Film Festival. New Employee Kits for Guess Jeans (a desk in a box/stationary kit) and Emergency Kits for William Morris Agency (backpacks loaded with emergency and first aid gear.) Never underestimate the power of a kit with the right ingredients. It's your chance to really get creative, not only can it house useful tools but it leaves such a thoughtful impression.

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