Sunday, October 5, 2008

Gen-EMO, have you heard about it?

"Emo-Layover Shirt"-get it?"
As a marketing professional it is my job to know target markets and demographics. Interestingly enough at a family BBQ gossiping with the teens this weekend I learned about a new hybrid-genre generation of young people. Between learning to play Guitar Hero and bowling on the Nintendo Wii (hello I'm only 30 and still totally cool!); I was enlightened to learn about the trends in High Schools and the cliques have certainly changed.
Emo actually stems from music which has transcended into a genre of youth. Emo is short for punk kids with sensitive emotions or emotional punk kids (not totally clear as to which one it is!) Emo-kids I found, are really pretty normal. They wear skinny jeans, have long shaggy hair (according to the emo handbook: dyed black and must cover your eyes, parents must hate it) & they dress uber-casual, T-shirts and sweatshirts.
The biggest trend I've noticed is the impact in fashion graphics on T-shirts. Where a few years back the hot style was intricate metallic graphics the emo-inspired graphics are a little more "simple and silly." I speculate whether they are meant to inspire emotion or the opposite just be outright silly and poke fun at the man (every generation was angry about that right?) Who knows, it's light and cute and I like it! Gotta love the "layover shirt!"

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