Saturday, October 25, 2008

"Beverly Hills logo gets a face lift" - Beverly Hills Magazine

Being an avid reader of Los Angeles Magazine I was very excited to receive my issue of new-sister Beverly Hills Magazine. BH Mag had a great article in the Summer 2008 issue (cover seen here) about the prestigious Beverly Hills logo that we have all come to know and love.

Reading the article, I immediately had a flashback to when I first moved to LA. The new kid in town I somehow got lost going who -knows -where and found myself in this whimsical luxurious land of Fashion, Style and Glamour. Lost, I looked up and saw the famed Beverly Hills Shield and knew exactly where I was, Beverly Hills 90210 ("only my fav show during Jr. High-High School!")

The article touches on how the established Beverly Hills Shield brand is synonymous with all things high-end, luxury and sophistication. The Shield has recently undergone a face lift with a color change and subtle design revamp. With this new face comes a new brand campaign, instead of starting their own fashion line the logo will be licensed out to established companies within the luxury categories. The City according to the article sounds very optimistic about the merchandising potential and profit it may bring to the city of Beverly Hills.
-Be on the look out for BH-Shield Gear in 2009

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