Saturday, October 25, 2008

"Beverly Hills logo gets a face lift" - Beverly Hills Magazine

Being an avid reader of Los Angeles Magazine I was very excited to receive my issue of new-sister Beverly Hills Magazine. BH Mag had a great article in the Summer 2008 issue (cover seen here) about the prestigious Beverly Hills logo that we have all come to know and love.

Reading the article, I immediately had a flashback to when I first moved to LA. The new kid in town I somehow got lost going who -knows -where and found myself in this whimsical luxurious land of Fashion, Style and Glamour. Lost, I looked up and saw the famed Beverly Hills Shield and knew exactly where I was, Beverly Hills 90210 ("only my fav show during Jr. High-High School!")

The article touches on how the established Beverly Hills Shield brand is synonymous with all things high-end, luxury and sophistication. The Shield has recently undergone a face lift with a color change and subtle design revamp. With this new face comes a new brand campaign, instead of starting their own fashion line the logo will be licensed out to established companies within the luxury categories. The City according to the article sounds very optimistic about the merchandising potential and profit it may bring to the city of Beverly Hills.
-Be on the look out for BH-Shield Gear in 2009

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Client, alumni and respected friend Irene Wong launches Irene takes her famous company FEM to the next level by offering her famous sample sales online. FEM traditionally specialized in throwing elite, VIP sample-sale fashion shows as well as fashion show casings of new up & coming fashion designers.
Now with everyone one will get their very own VIP pass and opportunity to buy the top designer clothes, shoes and accessories at 50 to 75 percent off retail pricing. Each online sale will last up to 72 hours with one to three designers or boutiques featured each week. Highly sought after brands like James Jeans, YSL, Pucci and CC Skye will be represented. So join FEM at and become a member today. Take advantage of FEM's couture selection & tell them Michelle Kajan referred you!

You can join the exlusive Fall/Winter VIP Preview event at SmashBox Studios on Saturday, Nov. 8, 2008; 12 to 5 pm. Its sure to be a day full of shopping, cocktails, music and VIP's gift bags. I will of course fill you in on the VIP SWAG BAGS after the event, when I go through mine!! (visit for event details)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sephora's "Think Pink Swag" October-Breast Cancer Awareness

Don't you just feel "Pretty in PINK" during the month of October! There is a plethora of "Pink" products available from pink blenders to pink roller blades. The beautiful part of shopping and buying during the"pink month" is a percentage of the proceeds is donated to Breast Cancer Awareness programs. It just warms my heart to give and to such a worthy cause.
No matter what line of business you're in you can implement your own "Breast Cancer Awareness" program at the local community level. If you are a local boutique owner, nail salon, spa or whatever your line of business is you can create a "pink" promotion of your own. Here's how: Encourage your customers to buy your services during the month of Oct, create a coordinating "gift with purchase" product that they can walk away with (must be pink and black & have your logo) and you MUST DONATE A PERCENTAGE OF THE PROCEEDS to a Breast Cancer Awareness program in your community. Your clients will gladly buy your services because you are such a reputable person to do business with. It's that easy!
PS...Start planning in September to you are ready to go in Oct!
Pics are adorable "Think Pink Swag" from Sephora.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Gen-EMO, have you heard about it?

"Emo-Layover Shirt"-get it?"
As a marketing professional it is my job to know target markets and demographics. Interestingly enough at a family BBQ gossiping with the teens this weekend I learned about a new hybrid-genre generation of young people. Between learning to play Guitar Hero and bowling on the Nintendo Wii (hello I'm only 30 and still totally cool!); I was enlightened to learn about the trends in High Schools and the cliques have certainly changed.
Emo actually stems from music which has transcended into a genre of youth. Emo is short for punk kids with sensitive emotions or emotional punk kids (not totally clear as to which one it is!) Emo-kids I found, are really pretty normal. They wear skinny jeans, have long shaggy hair (according to the emo handbook: dyed black and must cover your eyes, parents must hate it) & they dress uber-casual, T-shirts and sweatshirts.
The biggest trend I've noticed is the impact in fashion graphics on T-shirts. Where a few years back the hot style was intricate metallic graphics the emo-inspired graphics are a little more "simple and silly." I speculate whether they are meant to inspire emotion or the opposite just be outright silly and poke fun at the man (every generation was angry about that right?) Who knows, it's light and cute and I like it! Gotta love the "layover shirt!"

Friday, October 3, 2008

" Tres Chic as usual": Prego Survival Kit has done it again with this tres chic (very fashionable) "Prego Survival Kit." Available at retail at the is the Mr. and Mrs. Labor and Delivery Kit (although I would have to pass on the camera!)

The labor & Delivery Survival Kit is a collection of childbirth essentials for an expecting mother's comfort and convenience Stopwatch, Slipper Socks, Headband, Back Massager, Body Lotion, Lip Balm, Preggie Pops® Lollipops, Breath Mints, Pre-Paid Calling Card, Contact List, Disposable Camera, and Bubblegum Cigars.

I love a great kit and from a marketing prospective a kit applies to every event or promotion. I've worked on "Safe Sex" kit's for Playboy TV: safe sex booklet, sanitizer, a mint and of course a condom, nicely tucked into a keepsake ID zipper holder that attaches to your snow jacket while snow boarding during the Sundance Film Festival. New Employee Kits for Guess Jeans (a desk in a box/stationary kit) and Emergency Kits for William Morris Agency (backpacks loaded with emergency and first aid gear.) Never underestimate the power of a kit with the right ingredients. It's your chance to really get creative, not only can it house useful tools but it leaves such a thoughtful impression.