Saturday, September 13, 2008

Election Swag

OMG, to say I have seen it all is an understatement! Politics plays a large role in the history of SWAG if you think about it. Think back to every campaign from your Jr.High running mates to McCain & Obama you know that posters, buttons and T-shirts are staples.

(I hate to sound like Andy Rooney the head-grouch) but "it's a real sign of the times" the presidential campaign 2008. Who knew the thong you wear or the throw pillow you rest your head on could hold the key to your Republican or Democratic vote.

It's interesting being a Gen X'er myself seeing campaigns progressively growing with the times. Reaching out for a younger target audience, I suppose it's all about the way you market yourself and Presidential SWAG has indeed graduated to be young, hip and trendy!

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