Friday, July 11, 2008

METRO Targets the Party Crowd

It seems that everyone these days is making changes and doing their part to save our environment. The good-ol'-days of one man per car is OUT and public transportation is IN!

In an effort to raise awareness to the use of public transportation LA Metro has become THE HOT TICKET. The Metro's newest marketing campaign targets the ELITE SUNSET BLVD Party Crowd. In strategically placed clubs and bars along Sunset you will soon be resting your cocktail on The Metro's swag-tastic coasters.

"We're on Sunset, after sunset" is the theme of the campaign. Side one of the coaster notes the MTA route Echo Park, SilverLake, Hollywood, West Hollywood, and Westwood. Side two has a map of the route. For more info visit:

So next time your on Sunset, after Sunset and a few cocktails deep simply refer to your coaster to find a safe, inexpensive way home! -GET YOUR HOT TICKET TO RIDE THE METRO!

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