Sunday, June 1, 2008

Game 5 Los Angeles LAKERS win the West

I'm so proud of my Los Angeles Lakers, I had to give them props for winning Game 5. Being at the game was "out of control" as we (the fans) bonded as we knew we were a part of Los Angeles history. An emotional roller coasters of chants..."MVP -MVP" and "Let's go Lakers" all that was left at the end was to high five and hug the strangers around me when it was all said and done and the trophy was being presented.

As memorable as the game was, so is the SWAG I took away from it! Every fan who walked into the Staple Center for Game 5 walked away with a signature purple and gold T-Shirt. Everyone immediately put on their shirts and the crowd was a sea of gold.

-Limited edition/collectible SWAG works! I think it's safe to say that Los Angeles has Laker Fever.

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