Monday, June 9, 2008

Biz Bash 2008

Biz Bash 2008. A who's who of companies catering to party planners responsible for the elite events in the LA party scene. Ranging from award shows, private parties and the type of over the top luxury productions we read about in the party pages of 944 Magazine. The Beverly Hills Hotel, The Sofitel and SBE & Bolthouse (have you seen an episode of The Hills lately?) were among the notable venues for hire at Biz Bash this year.

Being that events and SWAG run hand in hand, I was excited to see some fantastic ideas that add ambiance and value to any event. One such idea was creating your own custom fragrance to coordinate with the theme of your event. If for example your event called for staging an outdoor garden theme inside, utilizing the custom scent to fragrance the room like "fresh cut grass." Appealing to the scent senses of your guests.

They say bigger is better, and another clever event idea worth mentioning was customized blown up air structures, your logo created in a mega flowers structure to hang on the wall of an event and custom movies. What better way to market yourself at your event then with a 64 inch flat screen TV and a 2 minute professionally produced music video of your company.
Last but not least I saw a first even for my eyes! Custom wait-staff uniforms with flat screen mini TVs built in. So when your waiters are making their rounds serving cocktails at your celeb event, you no longer have to look at their boring old backs. Now you can enjoy passing the time watching a commercial on the back of your waiter. I couldn't make that up!

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