Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Kenye West Concert, Nokia Theater @ LA Live

Having just spend the last few weeks blowing out the remaining days of my "20's" and ringing in my "30's", I hit a series of fab events with FAB swag. My journey to party like a "ROCKSTAR" started with VIP seats and treatment at the Kenye West concert (compliments of my peeps) at the new Nokia theater. Kenye's performance was "off the hook" a truly amazing experience. I was impressed by the stage effects, then by the music, and even to my exit of the concert every guest received a SWAG GIFT, a mini spiral bound book of inspiration from Kenye:
kanye west presents
Filled with lots of love & little Kenye-isms, page 4 titled BE LEERY OF THE FREE GIFT BAG! Which I found most blog worthy. Kudos on the SWAG book, after reading it I felt as if I had "just a little" inside to Kenye the mystery man. Very methodically written and somewhat personal in his mini messages of inspiration to his fans. The bigger picture from a advertising and marketing stand point is I love my Kenye keepsake and will continue to be a loyal fan. After all he cares enough to invest his money and thoughts in making such a clever little gift for me, his fan, why wouldn't I! It's my opinion that's why Kenye West is so successful, he is marketable on every level to all genre's of music lovers.

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