Monday, May 5, 2008

"Coachella Festival Gift Bags"

Most LA Swag blogs are about... "What's the hot glam product being given out at the gift suites this season????"
Branded SWAG plays an important role in marketing today. This blog pays respect to marketing professionals and the companies they work for that spend countless hours, money and research to market their brands.

I can't say who the client is but "Coachella Festival 2008" is right around the corner and lets just say the gift bags are ECO-Inspired. Being Green is the "HAUTE" ticket in this town, and it's here to stay. Celeb's know how to "BRING IT" and are notorious for serving causes as should their SWAG !!
It ain't your hippie-mama's ugly old recycled freebie's from the 70's. Environmentally friendly product has taken a turn for the pages of "In Style". Eco-product is cooler then ever. There are several ways to be Green with your promo’s. Like ditching those Styrofoam cups and inspiring your office to BRING BACK THE OLD CERAMIC MUG. Or how about a “rocking download card”, you can download the hot tunes, ring tones or movie tickets then toss it to your garden and grow flowers out of it.

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